About Allegiance Financial Group

Our Mission

Allegiance Financial Group, Inc. strives to match customer’s specific needs to the right property, casualty, financial and life insurance products around our commitment to add value to our customer’s businesses.

Our Approach

With our extensive industry expertise and transaction structuring capabilities, we approach every opportunity on a case by case basis and focus on industries and equipment/assets we know. We understand the types of equipment/assets used in your business, and the challenges you face within your industry. We provide loans, leases and working capital facilities secured by assets that are mission critical to our customers and you deal directly with senior team members who are the decision makers in the organization.

Our Strategy

We continue to leverage our balance sheet and over-all financial strength which has enabled us to offer the flexibility to meet our customer’s specific financing needs, as we act in the role of originator, lender/lessor (principal), and equipment re-marketer.